[TeenSneaks] Alexis Tae, Kimora Quin (Unsupervised Fun / 09.04.2022)


Alexis Tae’s parent checks in on her and her best friend, Kimora Quin. Alexis and Kimora say that they’re studying together, so Alexis’ parent says he’ll watch TV downstairs and not disturb them. As soon as he’s gone, Alexis and Kimora stress about how much pressure there is to do well in their final year of high school. Alexis slyly says that masturbation is her favorite way to reduce stress, which intrigues Kimora. They agree that now seems like a good time for a study break, so they kiss and start to touch each other. Suddenly, Alexis’ parent comes back in, asking them if they’d like some popcorn. The girls pull away from each other just in time to avoid getting caught, saying they’re very busy studying and don’t need any snacks. Once Alexis’ parent leaves again, Alexis and Kimora happily go back to having the snack they REALLY want, touching and tasting each other’s beautiful bodies. It’s definitely a pleasurable study break, but can they really be sure that someone won’t bust in on them again?

[TeenSneaks] Alexis Tae, Kimora Quin (Unsupervised Fun / 09.04.2022)


Category: Lesbian
Added on: September 5, 2022
Updated on: January 25, 2023

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