[PureTaboo] Helena Locke (Photo Finish / 01.24.2023)


A married couple, Mac (Derrick Pierce) and Charlene, have just had family photos taken by Iris (Helena Locke), a professional photographer. As Charlene heads back to the car, Mac stays behind and compliments Iris and her business. Iris is smitten by his words, especially since he seems sincere about his passion for photography. But when Mac playfully recounts a comment Charlene made, which undermines Iris’ work, Iris secretly grows vindictive towards her. Iris promises Mac a coupon for his next visit, intent on getting him back into her studio. Fortunately for her, Derrick is all too pleased to, especially since he and Charlene want to get some anniversary photos done. A few weeks later, Mac and Charlene arrive for their anniversary shoot at Iris’ studio. As they shoot, Iris grows increasingly jealous of Charlene, though the couple doesn’t notice. After the anniversary shoot, Iris offers to do a Valentine’s Day boudoir photo shoot for the couple in the near future, and they happily accept. On the day of the boudoir shoot, Mac arrives to find that Charlene has not arrived yet. Iris suggests they shoot some solos of Mac in the meantime as they wait. Although Mac is a little worried, he goes along with it. A few moments later, Iris takes some solo shots of Mac while encouraging him to get partially undressed. When Mac expresses that it’s strange posing without a woman next to him, Iris offers to stand in for his wife. But as Iris and Mac pose together, things start to get heated between them as Iris makes her move. Mac is taken aback, starting to have second thoughts about everything, but Iris isn’t about to let him off the hook THAT easily. She’s spent so long getting them to this picture perfect moment that NOTHING will stand in her way.

[PureTaboo] Helena Locke (Photo Finish / 01.24.2023)


Category: Blonde
Added on: January 24, 2023
Updated on: January 24, 2023

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