[JapanHDV] Kai Miharu (Kai Miharu is back in the Black Magic Ward as her sex nightmare continues / 09.23.2022)


Kai Miharu has not been able to escape this nightmare of a hospital. She is back and it is never clear if she is dreaming or it is real but she has her mouth on a hard cock she found in the hallway. She hears voices and follows them. She hears strange conversations and looks behind curtains. Inevitably each time she does this she finds herself engaged in some cock sucking or some pussy probing. She also finds herself watching Doctors and nurses getting each other off. This hospital seems to only have patients that are in need of a nurse to suck them off or a Dr to prescribe a nurse to stick her tongue in his ass while jerking him off. In today’s nightmare of a Halloween fun time a witch has appeared to her and watches her as she walks the dark halls of the hospital. She sees her watching her and walks towards her only to turn and see a patient in the hall also watching her. She turns and runs to the patient and kneels before him. She pulls his gown down and then proceeds to pull down his underwear. She slips his cock in her mouth. She slides it up and down and gives him the best pleasure she can acting as a nurse to his obvious pain. His cock gets a nice workout as she finally gets him to ejaculate in her mouth. A mouthful of cum is hers for her hard effort.

[JapanHDV] Kai Miharu (Kai Miharu is back in the Black Magic Ward as her sex nightmare continues / 09.23.2022)


Category: Brunette
Added on: September 23, 2022
Updated on: March 24, 2023

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